May 19, 2009

Field Trip: Ruby Falls

A local homeschool group arranged for a tour of Ruby Falls. It was an awesome study in cave creation - and creation overall. It was fun to think about how many caves are undiscovered . . . but the Lord knows them all.

I took a TON of photos, but am only going to post a few - gotta keep you awake and all.

These are, of course, out of order - this is us playing the alphabet game as we drove.
This is Liv playing "Marco...Pillow". yep, she hid her eyes and started calling, "Marco?" We answer with POLO, but she always resorts to saying Pillow. It is cute.

We'll continue studying about caves by watching a video on caves.

We'll also make our own stalactites and stalagmites:

Homeschool: Owl Pellets

Our Owl Pellet Project - this finishes up any owl study we will do this year.
We studied them from beginning to . . . end.

Meet our newest member of the family!
This is Misty. Misty is a Maltepoo (Maltese/Poodle). Misty doesn't shed. Misty's coat is like cashmere.
This is Misty before her grooming.

This is Misty after her grooming!

This is Misty after a bath.

This is Misty with her doting brother Josh (yes, he is her brother). :)

Father/Son Campout

Our ward's annual Father/Son campout was last weekend.

This is the second campout my boys have been on with daddy. It rained both campouts.

To commemorate the restoration of the Aaronic Priesthood, they had a "reading" of it all and Calvin got to "play" Joseph Smith.

The boys enjoyed the fire most of all, I think.

The next morning Greg helped to make breakfast for everyone - it was basically an Egg McMuffin - campstyle. He brought one home . . . not too shabby!

Field Trip: Six Flags

Six Flags opened up just for homeschoolers. They offered a package deal: admisison, a meal, and a returnvisit ticket for $23. THAT is a steal!
We loved it -
It was overcast
It wasn't too hot or too cold
It wasn't crowded.
We could ride some rides over and over again without a line.
The people there were a great crowd - they were modestly dressed, they were in families, they had clean language, they were polite. The employees were even awesome. A few times as I looked at a map, a park employee would stop and ask if I needed help. How nice is that?

Liv rode this ride about a dozen times. She finally got tired of it! Whew!

Some of these kiddie rides were a bit lame (even for Calvin), but they had fun, anyway.

This was ON THE WAY to Six Flags. Nice!

Calvin earned his Bear!

Here he is right before "the pinning".


Ohhh, those darn Legos

Ohhh, she is tall enough to reach the door handle and let herself outside - in two of my shoes.

Ohhhh, how sweet.

Ohhh, how "all about me" is she?

Greg was soaking his feet - - she had to put hers in as well...

Poor Calvin had to share the foot bath, too...

Josh had to share his bath . . .

She finally got her own foot bath.